Creativity is the most powerful force in business.

At DDB, we have always believed that creativity is the most powerful force in business. And we know that emotionally charged creativity is a consumer motivator. Emotions, feelings and associations are the main things that drive most human behavior and consumer choices. DDB unlocks the power of human emotion to make millions of different people change how they behave, feel, transact, with results that shift the bottom line and transform business performance for our clients.

Our soul is our people.

We believe in people, product, and profit, in that order. For us, people always come first. They’re the soul of our agency. It takes awesome folks to make awesome work. That’s why we make sure everyone who comes through the door is as great as the people who are already here. It’s also why we constantly strive to build diverse teams where everyone brings something unique to the table. Because you can’t make work that has the power to move people, markets, culture and transform client’s businesses if you only work with the usual suspects.